Growing up in rural Alberta, my first dream was to be a professional athlete; that dream peaking with playing basketball at a small campus in Alberta (so close). I’ve worked at a pulp mill, as ground crew at an events venue, in an alternative education classroom for teenagers, and as a support worker of adults with disabilities. I received a degree in psychology from the University of Alberta Augustana Campus and currently support youth who self-identify with a disability to find employment.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer and eventually the right idea bumped into the proper motivation and a few years later I had a fantasy novel. I tried the traditional route of finding an agent and signing on with a publisher but found it to be incredibly difficult to break into the business. Instead of despairing, the state of transition in the publishing industry has inspired me to work harder at my writing. After attending a writing/editing/publishing conference, as well as a great deal of internet research, it only made sense to self-publish.

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