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“In DAUGHTER OF SHADOW, a must-read for all fantasy lovers, the world is splintered into light and dark and a young female warrior struggles to choose a side.  Author Tyler Sehn takes great pains to lay out a richly detailed realm of magic, monstrous creatures, and political upheaval. ”



Born with one foot in light and one in darkness, she is torn between both.

Melea is the greatest warrior in the world. In service to the Lord of Light, she uses her abilities to kill for his divine vision.  Shadows grow larger as the Light spreads—the world and the forces that define it are changing and Melea is caught in the center.  Melea denies being a villain, refuses to be a hero, and would rather slash with the razors edge than walk along it.

Fate spins, or so it is said, and Melea is cursed with the luck of the dead.

“…solid characters, an intriguing world with mythic touches, and thoroughly evil evilness. Great stuff.’


July 2017


She is free, yet the demons of her past lurk in the shadows.

Melea is no longer a weapon of darkness wielded for the glory of the Shining Empire. The destiny given to her by Emperor Anathasius has been shattered. Rival forces spill blood to control the spin of fate amidst the burgeoning chaos. Gods and bonds collapse beneath blade and belief as the world plunges into conflict.

Cursed with the luck of the dead, lost and alone, Melea journeys into the unknown.

“Even better than the first. I cannot wait for the next book.”

-Amazon Review

A story can be freedom. A story can be prison.

In service to the mysterious Pale Queen, a poet-warrior navigates a world of magic, carrying a weapon created to kill gods.

Seren searches for his lost lover, striving to find her before the coming of the Never-Was. He writes in a secret notebook about encounters with friend and foe, hoping to make sense of these entangling threads. With his lion companion at his side, Seren seeks truth at all costs.

In a world where the lives of humans and gods are bonded, a single quest can encompass all.

“…a page-turning whirlwind of a fantasy that takes you through action, adventure, love and leaves you wanting more.”

-Amazon Review

Those who live in the past deny themselves a future.

Humanity has colonized new worlds through gods and higher technology, yet neither of these forces have taken hold on Kalubon.

Here, magic rules.

Mavrik Omolara is a witch for hire with the ability to summon beings of frightening power. A healer and a killer.

Burdened by his family legacy, Mavrik accepts a mission involving a forbidden ritual in an attempt to clear his name and obtain a higher status in society. But societal rules are rapidly changing, as is the magical foundation of the planet, forcing Mavrik to undertake a journey known only in legend. The world is coming undone and Mavrik is no hero. How can he save the world if he can’t even save himself?

“A gripping, riveting tale of a man adrift finding his way to his calling.”

-Reedsy Discovery

The Spiritbinder Saga spirals towards a conclusion…

Fate is not finished with her, forcing a decision that will shape the destiny of all.

Melea wanders the depths of the Eternal Forest, avoiding an uncertain future while being hounded by a painful past. Truth cannot be denied as the rune of rebirth emerges. Rival factions make their final play for power, each desiring to control a crumbling world. Armies and magic, spirit and sickness clash as the ultimate threat finally materializes from the shadows.

Luck of the dead has Melea bound, she must shatter the chains with courage found.

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