Sagas: Completed & Ongoing

Age of the Bloodless, the third, and final, aspect of The Spiritbinder Saga, has been published. This book weaves together the many threads set in motion in Daughter of Shadow and Gods of Rua. World-spanning schemes and overarching themes come together for an ultimate showdown. The ambitions of warriors and priests, bandits and crime-lords, gods and creatures culminate in an epoch changing event.

But can three books qualify as a saga? The definition of saga states: a long story of heroic achievement; a long, involved story, account, or series of incidents.

  • 406, 894 words
  • Dozens of characters
  • Heroic development
  • Trials and tribulations galore
  • Layers on layers as the actions of characters influence each other, knowingly and unknowingly

It’s quite the ride. There’s plenty of space for prequels, sequels, side stories, and spinoffs as well. This trilogy was built around Melea, a figure who appeared in my dreams and started it all. Her progression as a character has gone full-circle and so, for now, The Spiritbinder Saga must rest.

Reflecting on the trilogy got me thinking about my own life during this timespan. Quite the ride, as well.

[cue the montage of flashback scenes]

Several cross-country moves (Canada is large), a debilitating injury to a loved one and her recovery, travelling to Europe (twice), journeying north of the Arctic Circle, a house fire (she gone), coaching championship high school basketball teams, a house purchase (and the ongoing renovations), a car rolled over in the ditch, paddling rivers & hiking trails, substantial professional training, personal development (both minor and monumental), partying in Toronto for the Raptors first championship, writing & publishing two separate novels, a global pandemic, marriage, many poems, and much love (countless moments with friends & family).

[End montage]

A few less swords than The Spiritbinder Saga (and more fine dining!), which is probably for the best, all things considered. The process of writing this trilogy has taught me a lot and I look forward to the next phase along the path.